Letting Artists Make Art (LAMA) Hometown Show

On June 30, Preetam Sengupta performed in his hometown with another artist in order to promote their talents. Sengupta is a part of the Letting Artists Make Art (LAMA) organization that is “dedicated to helping musicians making a living through music. From artist and tour management to grant writing and other consulting work, we put artists first, and attempt to bring great music to people everywhere,” Sengupta explained.

The show Sengupta performed in was in partnership with a local restaurant that also helped to sell tickets for the event. Besides hometown word of mouth, Sengupta used Facebook to help spread the word about his show. Posters around the town and in the restaurant also helped to fill the seats. Sengupta said that he focused more on promoting the event versus actually selling the tickets.

Sengupta said that whenever he plays a show, his favorite part is the people. “Being in my hometown, it was nice to have my family there, of course, but also some close friends, and a few people I hadn’t seen in a long time, including my Grade 1 teacher, and the parents of my childhood best friend,” Sengupta said.

Sengupta’s advice is “As with everything, and it might be pretty general (and possibly lame) advice, but follow your heart. Small concerts might not pay the bills, but you’re doing what you love, and presenting people with a chance to experience something wonderful. Independent music is a passion-driven career, and if the passion is gone, the art falls with it.”

Sengupta said that with playing independently, having the professional tickets of Eventgroove helped to lend an air of professionalism to the show. “I was very impressed with the quality of the product that I received, especially at the price. I am already looking forward to next time I use this service,” Sengupta said.