Love of Food Brings Chefs Together

Tyrone Sillito shared full details about the small dinner event he and Keith Taniyama hosted. Sillito explained that they served a five course dinner to 30 guests at a pop up restaurant. “Anyone was welcome, but they had to buy tickets because we needed a head count for the food.  We are a small group of like minded chefs that puts these dinners together to learn more about our craft and also to satisfy our artistic urge,” Sillito said.

The whole purpose of the event was to have fun, learn more about cooking and to provide a great meal while flexing those chef muscles. Sillito said this was the first time they put together a dinner like this, “event so we will be able to iron out a lot of the kinks the next time around.”

Sillito and Taniyama invited friends only to the dinner, using word of mouth only to promote the dinner. Not only did they have fun making the dinner for everyone, but he said that “Just seeing people having fun from something you worked so hard at planning and organizing was a highlight.”

Sillito and Taniyama were first time planners and have learned from the mistakes and kinks of this first dinner. “I never have planned an event like this before so I was pretty stressed out worrying about everything, the food, the ticket sales, everything.  The only thing I would change now is the timeframe for our ticket sales.  We waited until the last second almost, like idiots.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Be organized, give yourself proper time to complete tasks and you should be fine.”

Sillito shared pictures of the five meals he and Taniyama created for this inaugural dinner. The theme of the night was Hawaii and the chefs started with their take on Spam Musubi. They followed that with grilled red chard, Chinese cabbage julienned with spinach, salmon poke and julienned jicama on top. Next, they ate taro puree, homemade kimchi, and sautéed sweet onion with a beef short rib braised in pineapple juice.  Taro chip for garnish. Then they served huli huli BBQ chicken with a side of rice mixed with furikake. For desert they had, short cake with grilled papaya, mango, and pineapple.  Mixed with shredded coconut, candied ginger and syrup made of reduced Malibu coconut.