Cheer Squad Raises Money for Team

By Adrienne Jones for CanadaTicketPrinting.Ca

Student cheerleaders support your favorite teams at home and for all important away games, and make sure those pep rallies don’t fall flat from an endless string of players talking about how much they love their game of choice. Part of any school activity usually involves fundraising, and the cheer team at G.S. Lakie Middle School appears to be as good at that as they are at inspiring their schoolmates.

The squad held a dinner and silent auction on November 28 at the Lethbridge Lodge in Alberta, and exceeded their fundraising goal by bringing in almost $13,000 to help fund team travel, competition, and uniform expenses. Attendees could choose from prime rib, chicken, or two vegetarian meals, plus roasted potatoes, pasta, buns, and a dessert assortment for dinner. Their auction featured 125 items, ranging from flights and 60 inch LCD TV’s to concert tickets, guitar lessons, clothing and beauty, restaurant and sports gift certificates.

Lakie’s squad has won over a dozen different championships since 2009, including their recent win in the Junior High Division 2 competition. The team typically competes three to five times each year, and this school term saw them compete three times and perform twice. One of those performances was bigger than most cheerleaders ever get to experience; they were chosen to join rock band Hedley on stage for their February 20 concert at the Enmax Centre during their song “Cha-Ching”.

American collegiate football gave birth to cheerleading. The first intercollegiate game was held between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869, and by the 1880s Princeton had an all-male “pep club”. Participation grew from there, with women being introduced as cheerleaders in 1923 at the University of Minnesota. When many men went to fight in WWII, women became the predominant force in cheerleading and currently make up over 90 percent of cheer athletes.

The 26 member Lakie squad and their coaches promoted the event with word of mouth as they sold tickets to friends and family. Co-head Coach Liat Corbiere says the most memorable moment of the evening saw “the school band come and perform songs, and then some of our cheerleaders got on stage to perform to a song, which took tremendous courage!” Corbiere notes that planning, much like cheerleading, should be a team effort.

“It takes a lot of concentration and perseverance,” she clarifies. “It’s a very tedious and detailed event. You need to delegate or you can get overwhelmed.”

How do you delegate event planning duties?