Reunion Concert Fundraiser to Aid Local Historical Society

To benefit the oldest operating tourist attraction on the Irish Loop, the Historic Ferryland Community Museum, the Ferryland Historical Society held a concert on May 12. Maxine Dunn said that the past members of the Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Lord Baltimore, who haven’t performed in 16 years, came together in order to raise money for the local Community Museum.

Dunn explained that Ferryland Historical Society is “a charitable organization, dedicated to the preservation and presentation of our local history.” She went on to say that the museum opened in 1974 and “provides many services along with various displays depicting community life, including assisting tourists, students, and locals with research for school and heritage projects, as well as assisting with genealogical research for personal and medical reasons. The Museum has also provided much needed employment to well over 100 students and a large number of adults through various grants.”

Creating Success in Ticket Sales

The concert was held to help cover some of the operating costs of the museum that does so much for the local community. Dunn said they were able to highlight a worthy cause and raise approximately $4000 and that “The concert was a tremendous success.  Reuniting and rekindling old friendships to raise money was a highlight of the event, along with providing an enjoyable evening of entertainment for locals.”

Dunn bought tickets and posters from Eventgroove and said she was impressed with how “classy, professional and reasonably priced they were.  We were very pleased.” They were able to sell tickets through the local businesses, the Ferryland Historical Society, and through the past members of the Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Lord Baltimore. They also advertised the event through Facebook.

Dunn advises others planning such events to “Plan well, advertise well. There is an unbelievable amount of planning and work that goes into it.”