Students Display Caribbean Heritage to Help University Fundraiser for Victims of Earthquake

Students at the University of Toronto-Mississauga held their 2nd Annual Mr. and Mrs. CC Pageant on March 21. The pageant was sponsored by the Caribbean Connections organization, which focuses on “providing students of all ethnicities with knowledge and culture of the Caribbean heritage. We are not only designed for Caribbean students, we accept all students,” said President of the organization Stacy Williams.

The pageant allowed students to showcase their countries of birth and their talents in order to raise money for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti two years ago. Williams said they were able to raise $800.

In order to spread word across campus about the event and who the money would be going to help, Caribbean Connections gave each of the 8 contestants 10 tickets, ordered from, as well as displays campus wide that sold tickets as well. Williams said, “We made promotion videos, posters and flyers to help promote the event. We also used social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.”

The highlight of the whole event for Williams was the before. “The best part of the event was preparing the contestants and rehearsing. This is because the executive team and the contestants became very close… we became a small family where we would get together and check up on one another or help each other with school,” Williams said.

Williams advises other students planning similar events that, “Time is key. Rushing and doing last minute things is extremely difficult and stressful.”

Williams ordered the Nightclub Blue Event Ticket for the pageant and believed that they “enhanced our event because it provided us with eye catching tickets rather than bland ones,” Williams said. She was happy that they were able to imprint all of their information onto the ticket without extra costs and that they arrived speedily. “It made it possible for us to start selling tickets at a reasonable time,” she said.

While the students of UTM were able to have a great night celebrating their heritage and talents, it was never far from their minds who they were helping.