Memorable Wedding Day: When the Groom Helps

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful parts of life. When Shannon Shepley was planning her wedding, she knew she wanted her fiancé to be involved in the planning too. “When he came up with the idea of making it a sports themed wedding I automatically thought how great it would be to hand out tickets to our wedding instead of your traditional invitation,” Shepley said.

The wedding was to be themed like a football game, with tickets printed from Eventgroove featuring the happy couple. To create the perfect game day wedding ticket, Shepley had the help of “good friend and Graphic Designer Katherine McCurdy Lapierre from Fisherville, Ontario to work together to create a look to capture a design we were all happy about.” Shepley loved having the unique tickets for her wedding and the guests loved them as well. “Our guests commented from the moment they received them on the unique invitation they received and how they had a keepsake to remember the day,” Shepley said.

With a football themed wedding, it only makes sense to take that theme all the way, and the happy couple agreed to be married at “Center Field at Ivor Wynne Stadium before a CFL Football game—the Hamilton Tigercats vs. Toronto Argonauts,” Shepley explained.

Front Page News

The couple’s nuptials were featured on many local news stations and in newspapers. The wedding was attended by 70+ personal guests, as well as thousands of strangers who got to see the Shepley’s say, “I Do,” with the help of YouTube of course. The newlywed’s were filmed by “local news station CHCH News as we got married. Our story (along with a photo of my now husband holding the tickets) was printed in the newspaper Metro—and another newspaper also shared our story mentioning our unique invitations in which we made front page news!” Shepley said. She went on to say that they “were also featured on TSN live during the game! During that segment our Ticket was displayed across the nation! The Hamilton Tigercats had us on the big screen for all of the fans before the game talking about our event.”

See the newlyweds here and here. Their wedding sure made waves as they were also interviewed the Tuesday after their big day by Scott Thompson on AM900. If you scroll through to July 17th-Hour 2- the couple is featured at the 16:40 mark.

Shepley said that using Eventgroove made what is supposed to be the most stressful part of the big day planning simple and quick. “Eventgroove made inviting our guests to our wedding fun.  When we saw the quality of the ticket that we ordered and compared what we paid for them we were VERY pleased with our decision to use Eventgroove for our invitations.  We know we made the right decision with Eventgroove along with our amazing Graphic Designer when people at our wedding and reception were still talking about their invitation that they received,” Shepley explained.

But aside from her wedding being broadcasted nationally, Shepley said that the best part of the whole experience was seeing her fiance’s (now husband’s) vision coming alive. And of course, “Finally marrying my best friend!”