So, you’ve decided to host an event. Congratulations! You might be thinking, “What next?” Well, if you’re just getting started with your first event, the details that go into planning can be overwhelming, especially for a first-timer.

The right publicity gets the word out!

Your beginning steps will be to answer some basic questions about the function you want to hold:

  1. Who? Is this shindig for your family and friends, or do you want to entertain as much of the community as possible? Determining the size of your event will help answers to all the other questions fall more readily in line.
  2. What? Are you having a bake sale or planning an awards dinner? Will this event be a walk-a-thon or a benefit concert? Is it a Halloween masquerade ball or a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party? Google past local events and see what makes a splash in your town, paying extra attention to what types of events might be lacking or nearing the over-done point.
  3. When? Even if your event is tied to a holiday or anniversary, timing is very important. For instance, very few people attend Christmas parties not held by family or close friends on Christmas Eve or the actual day.
  4. Where? Your choice of venue can be based on many factors. The number of attendees you’re hoping for, planned entertainment for the event and what the venue can provide to make planning easier (decorations, food, lighting, etc.) are just a few.
  5. Why? Are you raising money for a specific charity, making money for your business or simply hosting a fun time meant to get everyone interested in your organization? People like specifics when they spend their hard-earned cash. Let them know why this event is important, and remember that recognizable names can help if you’re trying to get greater attendance numbers.
  6. How? No matter what the reason for your event is, setting a budget and then financing your function are necessary steps to make sure you come out ahead at the end of the night. Don’t be afraid to approach local businesses, especially small ones that might love the publicity, to ask for donated goods/services during the event and raffle/auction prizes. Many will be happy to help, particularly if a charity is involved.

Now you know where to start, so get out there and make your event the best they’ve ever seen!