Party Brings Out Revelers

Edmonton, AB has seen a lot of spooky celebrations on All Saints Eve in years past. This year, though, the party atmosphere got a lot bigger when Non-Stop Productions held their first annual Halloween Hanger in an airplane hangar at the Alberta Aviation Museum on October 24.

Organizers were hoping “to add another great Halloween party to our city and have it be affordable and accessible, instead of being one of the $100-plus events that usually happen here.” Non-Stop is a new event production company that benefits from “years of experience in the music, promotion, nightlife and business industries.” They always look to “exceed all expectations” from their clients by taking pride in the smallest details and ensuring that their “events are full of excitement and professionalism.”

The company sought help to orchestrate the event by using several local vendors to round things out. The featured beer of the evening was Ribstone Creek Lager, lighting and sound was done by Hanson Productions, graphics and promotional items were created by Sic Transit and some printing needs were fulfilled by Copy City. Male and female best costume prizes were supplied by Prairie Boys Supply Co. and Vanity Corner Hair Boutique, respectively.

Event organizer Bill Cummins says their “biggest marketing effort was internet advertising, although we had a lot of word of mouth and social networking. We would like to make it a little bigger next time and will most likely team up with a radio station.” Around 400 partygoers came out for the shindig, which included sets from DJs Tang Twinz and Joses Martin.




It was a fun night, and Cummins notes that it led to some memorable moments. “What stands out to me is that everyone dressed up! For the odd person that didn’t, we made sure to have some extra costumes on hand, which were promptly put on once they saw that they were the odd man out. Also, when our headliners came on stage and our confetti canons went off, watching the crowd with their hands up, jumping up and down and screaming, was another highlight.”

Cummins adds that planning the bash was “stressful, but fun,” and has some solid advice for others looking to throw a large scale celebration. “Give yourself lots of time,” he says. “The more you plan way in advance, the better it will be. And, be prepared for lots of little, last minute changes and running around.”

How do you plan events meant to accommodate several hundred people?