Children’s Event Raises Money for Locals with Down Syndrome

Many companies give freely to charities. But, it’s not often that a business is started with the goal of making money for non-profit organizations. Spotlight Entertainment is one such company, and on September 28 they hosted their Hidden Treasures benefit at Bingemans Ballroom Kitchener to raise funds for the Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society (WRDSS).

Spotlight is a Waterloo, ON based company that started in 1991. They’ve produced over 70 family variety shows since then and raised more than $1 million for local branches of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Alzheimer Society and the Canadian Cancer Society. The marketing firm has also held shows that benefitted WRDSS and the Sunbeam Residential Development Center.


This event brought in $11,000 for WRDSS, and the company has raised a total of $130,000 in 13 years of fundraising for the charity. The volunteer run organization was started in 1988 by parents of children with Down syndrome. They “support and inform individuals, families and the community on issues related to Down syndrome,” and “advocate for persons with Down syndrome to lead healthy and active lives, enabling them to contribute their unique gifts to our community.”

Down syndrome occurs when someone is born with a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. Physical characteristics that are more common for babies with Down syndrome may include chubby cheeks and large, round eyes, larger tongue and smaller limbs and body frame. Health concerns can consist of congenital heart malformations, hypothyroidism and hearing loss. The Canadian Down Syndrome Society estimates that 45,000 Canadians have it and that it occurs in roughly one in 800 births in this country.

Hidden Treasures featured several surprises and special guest performers, including award winning circus performer Nathaniel Rankin, magician Neil Croswell and “puppet tamer” ventriloquist Tim Holland. Of the show, organizer Sean Corson says “overall, the event was a huge success. The audience was filled with hundreds of local families and special needs children all screaming and laughing along with the show.”

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