…but were afraid to ask. OK, maybe you didn’t want to know. But I’m going to tell you anyway. Here’s why you ought to feel good about the security of your big raffle:

Plain old raffle tickets, the boring kind printed with numbers and nothing else, are easy to counterfeit. Anyone can buy them, and they all look the same. If you’re worried about security when your groups funds are at stake, you want to go with raffle ticket printing that’s just right for your raffle.

Why print your own? Secure numbering is just the start. When you print your own raffle tickets, you specify the range of numbers. Start at 0 or 1001. Whatever works for you. Of course, having a unique and relevant image printed on your ticket doesn’t hurt! If you upload your company’s logo, or your sponsor’s, or an image of the big prize, that ticket is even more personal and recognizable.

Bar codes and watermarks are standard features. The bar code reflects your personal order number while the watermark features microtext that cannot be copied with standard measures. You can identify your raffle tickets and distinguish impostors without any trouble!

If that won’t suffice, go all out with thermal tickets, the most secure method of running your raffle. Thermal tickets use extra security devices, like a watermark that is only visible under a black light/UV lamp. Magnetic striping and pressure-sensitive security spots make thermal tickets nearly impossible to fake. When you go for thermal, your safety is assured.

So have fun, make money, and play it safe!