How to Advertise Victoria Day Gatherings

When Victoria Day comes along, many Canadians want to get out there and celebrate. The schools are closed for the day so kids can run outside to play in the warming sun. Everyone can breathe a little easier now that winter’s over, and summer’s soon approaching. Some may have the day off of work and some may not, but either way it’s the perfect time to celebrate the changing seasons and look forward to the fun that summer always seems to bring.

The question isn’t whether to celebrate, it’s how to celebrate.

It’s Party Time!

Many people have the day off of work for Victoria Day. It’s a great opportunity to throw a party with friends and family, or with the members of a club or group. Unfortunately, it’s not often when people have a spare day to spend how they please.

That’s just more of a reason to take advantage of the holiday by planning a party. To aid in what can be hectic party planning, print posters to put up around the job or club meeting area before the holiday. Or print flyers and hand them out to your friends as a unique invitation that will be sure to catch their eye.

Have a BBQ

Victoria Day is usually a sign that winter is over, so some people open their vacation homes for the summer, while others will venture outside to plant gardens or crops. Weather permitting, it’s a great time to have a BBQ. Hosted in one’s backyard or the local park, BBQs can be tasty and fun for everyone.

Advertise and promote a BBQ to the local community by printing posters and flyers specifically for that occasion. Choose from many design options in different categories, and get them fast—these can be processed in only 1 business day.

Organize an Outdoor Gathering

No matter how Victoria Day is spent, it should (if possible) be celebrated outside. After months of having to resort to winter activities, this holiday marks a welcome break for some early summer fun. Many amusement parks and outdoor attractions open for the season, and with the kids off of school, this provides a nice opportunity to organize an outdoor gathering with a class, group, or family.

Print posters and flyers that are special, only for that gathering, to help advertise the outdoor fun. When kids see a colorful poster with their favorite amusement park ride printed right on it, they will be begging to go to the gathering!