Creating your promotional Bumper Sticker is step one. Step two? How are you going to get your hot new promotional Bumper Sticker on people’s cars? Take a few minutes to cruise through three simple suggestions for getting your message on the road.

1) Rev It Up: Contact Your Supporters

Before you print your Bumper Stickers, contact your supporters. Tell them about your hot new promotional plan, and ask if they would be willing to put a Bumper Sticker on their car. An informal poll can help you understand what kind of sticker they would be most likely to slap on their bumpers before you design it, and it can help you estimate demand so you know how many to order. Ask everyone for creative ideas or suggestions. If you don’t already know, get a good sense of what kind of cars they drive, colours they like, and other ideas they support. Knowing your supporters and giving them what they want helps get your message across.

2) Pedal To The Metal: Creating Demand

If your Bumper Sticker design is funny, cool, thought provoking, pithy, admirable, or beautiful, there’s no need to search for supporters. Create a witty, innovative, or humorous sticker and supporters will search for you! All you need is an idea that people actually want to display on their car. Now you have a sleek, self-propelling marking campaign, along with a popular product you can sell to earn your organization even more money. Consider Staples, the company that created the “That Was Easy” button to promote the ease of doing business with their company. These ads appealed to their target market’s sense of humor so well that the “That Was Easy” button became a profitable product found on work desks and kitchen counters across the country, reminding people to shop at Staples. Or take Nike, a company that has created a huge demand for their logo. They can add the Nike swoop to any product and people pay them for the privilege of participating in their global marketing campaign. The key is to earn natural supporters by offering a desirable message. Drivers display Bumper Stickers on their cars to express their personalities. Create a design and a message people are proud to be associated with. Make your supporters look good.

3) Crossing The Finish Line: Pay Incentives Earn Results!

Don’t have a witty or funny statement? Don’t have enough supporters? Don’t worry! There are other ways to get your sticker on cars. Pay incentives are a time-honoured tradition and can be the fastest route to getting your Bumper Stickers on the road. Depending on what you are promoting, five to ten dollars a month should be enough to persuade people to “wear” your sticker on their car. There are also online companies to assist you in this process. is an online company that finds vehicle owners willing to display your Bumper Sticker in any region of the country. Paying someone to put a sticker on a car may seem extreme, but compared to other forms of advertising it is very economical! Just remember that thousands of people will see your message on the road each day, and the return on your investment will be huge!

So Hit Your Easy Button!

Any of these recommendations can help you get your message on the road. Depending on your situation and promotional goals, you might try all of them. Contact your supporters to collect data on their likes and dislikes, forecast demand, and generate interest. Create a Bumper Sticker that people want to put on their cars, and use pay incentives if necessary to reach a larger audience. When all your bumper stickers are out on the road, you can sit back, relax, and hit the “That Was Easy” button!