Are you ready to create maximum promotional buzz for a minimum cost? Consider guerrilla marketing with Stickers! Guerrilla marketing is all about unconventional, creative, low cost advertising to generate memorable, unique experiences for potential customers. Printing custom Stickers can be a great guerrilla-marketing tool. Get ready to stand out using guerrilla marketing techniques with Stickers!

Break Down Barriers

According to GoogleAnswers, the average American person sees over 3,000 advertising messages in a single day. 3,000 messages! That’s a lot of ads! As a result, most people usually throw up a mental barrier and stop paying attention to conventional advertisements. There are just too many out there to take in. You goal is to break down those walls! How? Present your message in unexpected ways. Catch them unaware, with a novel approach, when they’re not expecting it, and your audience doesn’t even realize they’re viewing an advertisement until it’s too late. Your message can break though their barriers and make a positive lasting impression.

Be Unconventional

Design your custom Sticker creatively! Think of unique, unconventional ways to reach people that will leave a lasting impression. Humorous phrases and/or drawings work great! Think of unsuspecting places to put your Sticker. Turn normal, every day objects into your own unique advertising billboards! Your Sticker should be clever. Any phrase, design, or image that make people look twice, think, and/or laugh will do the trick!

The Axe Deodorant emergency exit sticker (right) is a perfect example of a great guerrilla-marketing Sticker. It is creative, inexpensive, unconventional, and funny. It breaks down people’s advertising defense shields by reaching them in an unexpected place and manner. The Sticker makes them look twice, and think, and leaving viewers with a positive message.

Take Your Time, Use Your Imagination

Guerrilla marketing techniques require more imagination and time than standard publicity appeals. You’re replacing an unwieldy marketing budget with intelligence and creativity, after all. Take your time and use your imagination. Come up with a Sticker that will out-perform the other 2,999 advertisements the average person will see that day. Use color, humor, eye-popping graphics, and smart writing to arrest the attention of an unsuspecting audience. Your time and effort will be rewarded with a unique advertising medium that provides high visibility and a large competitive advantage.

Get Viral

Call supporters and sympathizers to generate ideas and create partnerships. Focus on forming new relationships. You may be surprised to know how many people are interested in your campaign. Hand out your custom Stickers to everyone you know (and don’t know)! Research events and organizations where you might find people who will appreciate your Sticker and your message. View and treat everyone as a potential customer. The more you network, the more effective your low budget promotional Sticker campaign will be!

Stand Out!

When you put in the extra effort to come up with your own original creative idea, you can start reaping the rewards. Using your imagination helps you break down barriers to reach your audience. Everyone has a message: you just need people to listen to yours. Creating a custom Sticker for your guerrilla marking campaign will help you stand out from the masses in a world overflowing with advertisements.