Students Dress Up for a Good Cause, Charity Fashion Show a Success

A night of food, fashion and fun held by students at Malvern Collegiate Institute led to record funds raised for a local charity. Student Bronte Martin co-directed the annual charity fashion show put on by Malvern students. Clothing and food were donated by local businesses for the event as well as “a full team of 20 hair stylists and makeup artists as well as a house DJ (DJ Melanie Sutherland) donating their time and efforts into the two-night event,” Martin said.

The fashion show was held on April 26 and 27 in order to raise money for the local Toronto charity The Red Door Family Shelter, “which is an organization that helps provide shelter for battered women and individuals affected by homelessness,” Martin explained. The event was attended by “over 150 student models, art directors, choreographers, designers and stage crew” and over 600 students over the two nights, Martin said.

Selling Tickets, Raising Money

Martin said the event was a great success, raising $3,700 for The Red Door Family Shelter. The success could be attributed to selling the “tickets one week in advance, allowing for students, parents, and members of the community to get an ‘advanced price’ of $5.” Martin said that “up until the day of the first show night, advanced tickets sold like crazy, and the only ones left were available at the door for $10. Donations were also able to be made at the intermission bake sale, T-shirt sales as well as at the door itself.”

Martin ordered the Toronto General Admission Ticket with Stub (White) and thought the “personalized tickets really stood out and legitimized our event. Our audience members were also able to keep their ticket stub and receive 15% off at Menchies Beaches after the show, so these tickets really played a large role in our show.” His advice to students or anyone else planning such a large event is to start early. “We needed all of the time we could get, and this is why Malvern’s Night Out was as big as it was. You can never have too much time to organize an event for charity,” Martin said.

Spreading the Word and the Grand Finale

In order to spread the word about Malvern’s Night Out, Martin and his co-director “relied on our Twitter and Facebook pages to spread the word. Since most of our audience members were students, this was easily the most effective way to get across to our target group of people. From there, posters and newspaper articles were implemented as well, raising awareness about our huge event, as well as the important cause we were supporting.”

Not only was the event a huge success in regards to the money raised for The Red Door Family Shelter, but for the students who put so much hard work into the event. Martin’s greatest moment from the event was “at the very end on the finale night during curtain call. Over 150 of us ran on stage and applauded the scenes when they bowed. There was confetti and lots of excitement, so that was definitely a highlight. This was also a sigh of relief because my co-director and I knew we did our best, and the reaction we were receiving was exactly what he had hoped for.”