A Little Dirt and a Little Water: The Weekends Were Made for Mud Fans

Schoolchildren and working men and women are always looking forward to the weekend, and the Middle Stewiacke Mud Slingers enjoy it in a dirty way. Organizer Kimberly Crouse, a member of the not for profit club, explained, “We are sponsored by local companies who donated prizes of all kinds and some who help us with the event site maintenance.” On Saturdays and Sundays, people flock to the 4X4 truck event. Crouse said that each weekend, they have mud bogging, where the trucks race in a timed event through mud holes, drag racing and slalom racing, “a course set up for the trucks to race around, also a timed event for prizes.”

While everyone usually comes just for the fun, sometimes the weekend’s fun events are used for raising funds for aworthy cause. The event in August was in honor of the club’s biggest fan, Jacob. “All the gate funds to Brigadoon, it’s a camp for sick children. Jacob goes there every summer (he has Crohns disease) so we donated the money in his name for the camp,” Crouse said.

Highlights of the truck events include a “a “mini monster truck” almost roll over in our mud bog. We’ve had roll overs in our slalom racing, and some close calls during drags but never had anyone roll in the mud bog,” Crouse said. And for Crouse and the rest of the fans of the truck events, one moment reminded everyone what they are there for. “The one thing that sticks out to me is during the prize giveouts Dwayne Hutchinson, who runs in our modified class, had beaten Kenny Scothorn in the Open Drags class but when receiving his 1st prize asked is he could give it to Kenny because Kenny had allowed him to time to cool his truck off so he could continue racing.

“That”s what racing is about and should always be about.  Having fun and showing true sportsmanship!  I’ve never heard the crowd go so crazy as when he handed his first place to Kenny and accepted second instead!” Crouse explained.

In order to advertise which weekends, Crouse and the club used posters, radio ads, and the club’s Facebook page. Word of mouth and 4X4 proboards online were the most effective. “Planning these events is the easy part.  Anyone can plan an event.  Its organizing and multitasking to get everything together when needed thats the hard part,” Crouse said. She continued by saying, “There are so many tasks for every event that we have to have done in order to be successful that it takes a lot of time and hard work for the team to accomplish them.  My hardest part is keeping the team motivated through it.  Of course the end result is always a very successful event but they forget that when their knee deep in mud holes and out in the rain or hot sun trying to get things done!”

At the last mud filled weekend, a reporter was fishing near the truck event, and wondered over to the event and it ended up in a local Nova Scotia newspaper.