When the heat of summer is gone and we wake up to a crisp, cool breeze, you can be sure that fall will soon be here. But, there’s no reason to stop entertaining outdoors when a chill touches the air. You can use the colors and calm of the season to your advantage before the pressure of the holidays sets in.


Here are some ideas to help you organize the perfect fall bash, whether you’re planning an adult dinner party for six or a family friendly fun day using all of your yard to its fullest.


  • Mind the season. It’s important to decide what type of party you’re planning before sending out invitations. If you want to have an outdoor extravaganza, make sure your guests know, so they can dress accordingly. Be sure to have a backup plan for outdoor adventures. You can set aside a room in your house, or even rent a gazebo and patio heater for guests to take cover if the weather turns.
  • Use the season. Decorating for a fall event can be as easy as bringing the color of nature inside or gathering it up for outdoor decorations. Fallen leaves, acorns, twigs tied with ribbons, mini gourds and seasonal flowers all work well. Chose a color palette and have fun with it! For outside events, be sure to include suitable lighting. String fairy lights around your patio or yard, or use candles in hurricane lanterns to add an ethereal glow.
  • Comfort is the word. Fall is the perfect time to indulge your guests with hearty foods both savory and sweet. Homemade beef stew or chicken soup will do wonders to warm them to the bone, as will anything cheesy, with a soothing broth or filled with seasonal vegetables. For family events, serve drinks that can easily be made into virgin beverages for children by adding something like apple juice, sparkling cider, soda or tonic. And, don’t forget dessert. There are a variety of cakes, fruit pies and tarts that will make excellent dishes. If you’re not in the mood for making a major dessert, you can always hollow out an apple, and fill it with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel.
  • Entertainment is helpful. Making sure everyone is having a good time can be stressful. One of the easiest things to do is to have some party games ready to go. Children are easily satisfied with traditional lawn games, craft activities and seasonal things like a pumpkin rolling contest, but be sure not to forget the adults present. You can set up a trivia session or try some of these fun games.


And there you have it! Taking these tips into account will help you have a fun fall event that’ll have your friends and family asking you to make this an annual affair. Now, get planning!