The Foothills Boys ’03 Soccer Team Prepares for Future Games with the Foothills Boys ’03 Raffle The Foothills Boys ’03 soccer team raised money for their group with the Foothills Boys ’03 Raffle Oct. 4. The raffle had great prizes, such as $750 cash and a wine basket. Monica Marchi wrote in an email interview that the boys use the money they raise for road trip and training expenses. “The boys are all 11 or 12 years old and playing soccer at the highest level in the province. This requires a lot of extra training and short road trips to compete against other teams from the province,” she wrote. “We use proceeds from raffles to pay for food for the boys on road trips, extra training, and sometimes uniform items.” Foothills Boys TicketMarchi said that promotion for the event came in the form of getting the kids themselves involved, but the plan came against a roadblock – the weather. “We like to get the boys to help sell the tickets as they need to learn that it takes effort to raise the money that is needed for their soccer activities. For this particular raffle, we reserved a booth at the Calgary Highland Games and had shifts of boys sell tickets (along with a supervising parent),” wrote Marchi. “Unfortunately, the weather was terrible so attendance at the Highland Games was dismal and sales, accordingly, weren’t as robust as we had hoped.” “At our table we decorated with a grass-themed tablecloth, green and white balloons (their team colours), and a big poster which gave information about price of tickets, what the prizes were, who would benefit from the ticket sales,” wrote Marchi. “We also asked each family to sell a minimum of 20 tickets (at their work places, to family and friends, or in their neighbourhoods). If they so chose, they could just pay us for their 20 tickets and write their own name on all of them.”  Marchi also wrote that tickets were sold door-to-door in the neighbourhoods the children used for their practices. Usually, the team also sells tickets at a store, like a grocery store for instance, but unfortunately for this raffle, the team wasn’t able to secure any permission. Marchi gave several ideas for types of raffles readers could use for their own events. “Sometimes we hold an evening event and sell raffle tickets for prizes (e.g. electronics, wine basket, FitBit, anything we can get donated that would be attractive to the public). We have done this type of fundraising a couple of times and it works well,” she wrote. “We set up a silent auction and raffle (and 50/50 draw) at a local pub and ask each family to sell a certain number of admission tickets which usually includes a drink and meal. Each family is also asked to donate some items to be auctioned off as well as to try and get prizes donated for the raffles.  The most important thing to remember about an event like this is that if families can’t get their friends and families to attend, the fundraising won’t be very successful!” Do you have any favorite raffle ideas?