Image credit: Frode Inge Helland

How Canada Will Celebrate International Dance Day in 2013

Every year on April 29th, the world celebrates International Dance Day in honour of Jean-Georges Noverre’s birthday. Noverre was a well-known choreographer that revolutionized ballet for his time and is often considered the creator of ballet d’action, the predecessor to 19th century narrative ballets.

Each year, a famous dance personality authors an international message that’s spread throughout the world in celebration of International Dance Day.

Starting in 2005, the Canadian Dance Assembly has also authored a yearly message for International Dance Day. This year, Vicki Adams Willis, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, was chosen to create the touching message in honour of this world holiday.

How to Celebrate Like a Canadian

The first International Dance Day took place back in 1982 and was started by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute. Taking this fine artistic holiday a step further, the Canadian Dance Assembly hosts National Dance Week, which starts on April 22nd and leads up to International Dance Day.

A different theme will be celebrated each day during Dance Week to celebrate the unique diversity of the Canadian dance industry.

The national campaign is called, “I love dance,” and the Canadian Dance Assembly reminds us that you don’t need to be a professional to get involved in this wonderful celebration.

The Dance Assembly urges Canadians who want to help celebrate their love of dance to create their own events, and even offer the use of their logo (for print) and branded web-button (for online use) to assist with event promotions.

Event Ideas for a Dance Celebration

There’s literally an endless list of ideas you could use to host your own event for National Dance Week or International Dance Day. But, should you need a bit of inspiration, you can check out some of the ideas we’ve listed below.

  • Go see a folk, jazz, ballet, tap or modern dance recital or presentation
  • Join a dance competition
  • Offer to teach free dance classes or discount your services for National Dance Week
  • Put together a dance shoe drive for charitable dance organizations
  • Throw a dance-movie party and view a variety of dance movies
  • Volunteer for a dance event or presentation
  • Host a dance fundraiser or benefit, or donate to your favourite dance company