The Perfect Time to Fundraise: Canadian Charitable Donations Are on the Rise

March 5, 2013

BMO Harris Private Bank Reports Canadian Charitable Giving on the Rise

Many Canadians are familiar with the act of donating to charitable organisations and giving to those less fortunate than themselves. In fact, according to a recent report put out by BMO Harris Private Banking, Canadians were more charitable in the year 2012 than they were in 2011. 79% of the Canadian population donated to a charity in 2012, compared to only 68% that donated in 2011.

What’s more, the average amount of charitable donations has increased as well. While the number came in at $487 for average donations for 2011, in 2012, Canadians donated $557 on average, a notable increase of $70.

This is great news by and far for many charitable organisations. But, fundraising, even for the most honourable or popular causes, isn’t always easy.

Now is the perfect time to re-think your fundraising strategy in order to take advantage of the many charitable donations that Canadians are willing to give, especially while giving is on the rise.

Age Does Matter

When any charitable organisation considers how to tap their market for donations, it’s important to get the facts straight so that fundraising opportunities are maximized and the effort spent on securing donors is not in vain.

According to an article from, the Statistics Canada 2010 report revealed that Canadians over the age of 74 made donations of $725 a year, on average. The numbers decrease significantly with age.

The age group of Canadians from 35 to 44 made average annual donations of $431, while the range from 15-24 came in at only $143.

For any non-profit looking to raise funds for a good cause, targeting the right age group can make a big difference.

How to Make Giving Look Great

Charitable organisations can make specific moves when it comes to fundraising to encourage potential donors to make those all-important donations. According to the BMO report, rather than use a specific strategy for giving, 45% of Canadians make impromptu donations.

One great way to encourage impromptu giving is to host a raffle.

Think about what kind of prizes your target market would want to win, and choose prizes that will bring excitement to that specific group. With a little advertising and promotion, you could sell more raffle tickets than you ever thought possible.

By selling tickets for the chance to win a prize, many donors won’t even think twice about reaching for their wallets.

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