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October 23, 2020

Over the past several months, our technical staff has been hard at work making improvements to Eventgroove. While many of the improvements are behind the scenes making the site more stable, we wanted to take a minute and tell you about some of the new features that will help you as a customer use our site.

Save Quick Ticket Draft

We have been hearing for a while that it would be very nice if a person could design a ticket and save it so that they can come back later and make changes. Now it is possible to do just that. We have added a button on the Quick Ticket Pages called “Save as Draft”. Selecting this button will cause you to sign in to your account and will save your quick ticket in your account. You can return to your ticket by visiting our website from any computer and logging back into your account by selecting the Account tab. Your saved draft will be available in the Saved Quotes/Drafts box on the right hand side of the screen, directly below your order history.

Reorder Quick Tickets

It is also now possible to reorder a quick ticket or base your new ticket order on one that you have ordered in the past. To use this feature, begin by logging into your account on the Eventgroove website. The box in the upper right hand side of the screen will have a list of the orders that you have placed within the last month. If your order is not showing up there, that is OK, just select the “All Orders” Button and it will take you to a page that will list all of the orders that you have placed with us since the beginning of 2005. When you click on any order it will show you the contents of that order. Quick Tickets ordered after June of this year will have a little “reorder” link next to their title. Select this link to begin editing that ticket in preparation for your next order.

Quick Ticket Advertising

Many of our Custom Ticket customers sell advertising on the backs of their tickets to help offset the price of printing the tickets. This is now available for quick tickets as well. On the same page that you fill in the text for your ticket order you now will find the option to upload an image for the back of your tickets. For the best results we suggest that you start with an image that is 1165 pixels by 585 pixels in size. This will help ensure that the image prints nicely on our presses. More advertising tips…

Custom Quick Ticket Quantities

We also made a change to the website to allow customers to order any quantity of Quick Tickets that they need. When you order your tickets, we have replaced the drop down box of quantities with a text box that will allow you to enter any number greater than 250 that you like. This will keep customers from having to buy an extra 200 tickets when they only need 300 for their event.

We hope that you take advantage of these new features and let us know how they work for you. Also feel free to send any other suggestions that you have for the Eventgroove website to You can also keep up to date with new changes as they happen by subscribing to the Eventgroove Blog which lists all of our newest features and promotions.

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