Print Invitations to Simplify Canada Day Party Planning

Canada Day is a memorable occasion and a great reason for celebration.

Depending on your province, you may be choosing from a wide variety of activities or events scheduled in your area: free concerts, parades, festivals, carnivals, and firework displays put on to honor the national holiday. Some municipalities throw big BBQs and many locals have been known to eat traditional Canadian breakfasts as part of the celebration. But the crucial decision of just how to party comes down to your personal preference of what to do on this special day.

It is important to remember the real reason we celebrate Canada Day in the first place as we plan our annual parties for this holiday. July 1st, 1867 marks a very special place in all Canadians’ hearts, as it is the day that Canada was declared a federation of four provinces. Since about 1967, back when it was called Dominion Day, Canada Day has been celebrated annually with events organized by the national government.

You’re Invited

No matter where the party is, taking care of the invitations can be a burden. Whether you want to invite friends over for a special party at home or you are organizing a major public event, make it easy on yourself. Don’t spend too much time, effort or money printing invitations.

Low Cost, High Quality

Look for a solution that fits your specific needs when it comes to invitations for a Canada Day celebration. Often times, people and organizations are interested in saving money without decreasing the quality of a product. Invitations for Canada Day events and parties can be simple to make and very nice to look at.

Design Your Own

There are many different designs to choose from that can be included on your invitations, and choosing the right one can make a big difference. If you need to print invitations specifically for an event, you have the option to design your own event invitations. This is a unique and custom way to choose the color, text, background, format, or pictures that will go on the invitation.

The best part about the option to design your own event invitations is that you can put any logo or personalized touch you want right on the invitation. And you won’t be disappointed with the results either, because every order must be approved before it is printed. Celebrate the smart way and customize your Canada Day party or event with personalized invitations.