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True Partner Pricing

We believe in partnering with our customers. We only make money when you make money selling tickets to your event.

For organizations


No hidden fees. Zero setup, upfront, or ongoing charges (this includes full private label).


Simple service fee. 2% of ticket value + 50¢. 99% of our organizers have their customers pay our service fee.


Open partnership. No long-term log-in contracts.


Any size. No extra charges for being small or large (size of events or organization).


Full support. Completely FREE customer support and training.

Dynamic online event management

Leverage powerful, easy-to-use tools and features to maximize your event success

Eventgroove dashboard

The feature-packed interface will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your ideal event.


Flexibility. Create live, virtual or hybrid events with integrated ecommerce and/or fundraising.


Mobile first. We built Eventgroove Events with mobile first design. All features work both on mobile and desktop. No need to download anything, mobile works like  an app!


Promotion marketing. From email invitations to social media to embeddable widgets, Eventgroove Events has tons of advanced features to help you promote your events.


Analytics & reporting. Use our advanced dashboard tools to analyze how guests found your event, where they are located, as well as the quality of traffic from each location and referring source with built-in Google Analytics reports.

Multiple ticketing solutions

Leverage a powerful dashboard to maximize event success

We can help you accomplish your ticketing needs, no matter how custom or complex.


Reserved seating. We’ll work with you to create a clickable seating venue chart.


Ticket bundles. Create custom ticket packages by combining tickets together.


Digital delivery. Deliver customized tickets to attendees via email, mobile, or both.


Purchase bundles. Accept donations, issue complimentary & offline tickets.


Integrated event prodducts. With integrated event and attendee data, order full color professionally designed event products such as event badges, invites, and tickets.

Built to scale

Eventgroove Events has been designed and built to empower any company or organization with distributed events to operate their own events service.

Eventgroove dashboard

The platform has been built from the ground up, specifically to enable any company or organization with distributed events to operate their own events service.


Free setup. No setup fees. No ongoing costs.


Your brand. Customize the logo, images, color, and URL of your integrated event management platform.


Tiered access. Create different levels of access and management for various individuals in your organization.


Integrated. Your private label can integrate directly with your own custom-designed fundraising site (on Eventgroove Fundraising) and your own Ecommerce site (on Eventgroove Ecommerce).

Packed with features

Beautiful event pages

Control images, text, and branding

Mobile optimized

Mobile-first design for event pages as well as the dashboard

Reserved seating

We’ll work with you to create a clickable seating venue

Ticket bundles

Create custom ticket packages by combining tickets together

Ticket sales widget

Embed a calendar of events on your site

Promotional tools

Social media & email marketing built-in

Private events & tickets

Create email invitation-only events and tickets

Flexible ticketing

Accept donations,  issue offline & complimentary tickets

Built to scale

Our event service was designed with both small and large organizations in mind

Event dashboard

Manage your events, and view event analytics

Team management

Add team members to your account and set different permissions

Excellent support

Our team is here for you! We love talking to our customers

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