Jazz Artist Celebrates Release of Second CD

By Adrienne Jones for CanadaTicketPrinting.ca

Ten years is a long time to put a dream on hold, but it’s better than never getting to fulfill that dream at all. Calgary jazz vocalist and composer Glennis Houston reveled in the release of her second CD I’ll Reminisce You on March 1st at the National Music Centre. This release comes a decade after her critically-acclaimed first recording, Lies of Handsome Men.

GlennisHouston’s childhood was filled with swing and big band music, and she wanted to be a singer by the time she was five. She played classical piano as a child, but gave up music after a stint as a clarinetist in junior high. The urge to sing was still with her, though, and at 22 Houston took her first vocal lesson. This led to her joining Edmonton Musical Theatre, where she studied acting, dance, chorus and solo performance.

After receiving Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music, Houston began to feel jazz calling again. Participating in the Vocal Jazz Camp at the Banff Centre of Fine Arts “would cement her new dedication to jazz.”

Houston lends her “great tone, focus and range” to a wide variety of styles, such as Latin, dance, upbeat swing and contemporary pop. She also works as a vocal researcher and coach under the principle that “technique and knowledge without passion is boring, but passion without technique and knowledge is just plain embarrassing!”

Her new CD has already been lauded as “a warm session of light contemporary vocal jazz” by All About Jazz reviewer Edward Blanco. Houston calls it a “culmination of a decade of musical experience and discovery in 12 tracks.” Seven songs are originals written by Houston, while others are bebop, ballad and blues covers, “the music to which she feels her heart is most attuned.”

Houston used social media, radio, a Calgary Herald article, JazzYYC.com and an email list to promote the party, and thinks email and the JazzYYC notice worked best. “The whole night was great,” she says. “I did giveaways of a few mugs and pens with the CD cover on it. The band was awesome, and despite the bone-chilling temperatures, there were about 55 people who attended.”

The songstress stresses that keeping a clear head in planning is important. “Make notes so you can refer to them in the future. Also, plan well ahead. Be sure to arrange for volunteers to help out at the door and merchandise tables.”

How have you used social media to promote your events?