Yearly Magic Competition to Honor Children a Big Hit

Magic isn’t just for television or movies anymore. The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) extends its reach to 88 countries across the globe striving to bring magic to the masses. According to their website, “Since 1922, our official publication, The Linking Ring, has linked magicians throughout the world. Local branches of the I.B.M., known as Rings, meet each month in hundreds of locations….Our organization is about having fun with magic.”

Gordon McIntosh, the 2nd Vice President of the Vancouver Magic Circle said that IMB has over 300 Rings, Vancouver being Ring #92. McIntosh explained that the Vancouver Magic Circle “presents its Children’s Magician Of The Year competition. This year the competition was held on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at Fraser Heights Secondary School, Surrey.” He went on to outline how the night went.

In this competition, some of the Lower Mainland’s best children’s entertainers competed for the Wilf Rutherford Trophy. The intent of the competition is to find out which magician the children like the best. At intermission, the audience votes for the competitor they liked the best. The votes are counted while the audience is further entertained by some amazing magic. The competitor who gets the most votes is the Children’s Magician Of The Year 2012. The winner of the Children’s magician of the Year for 2012 is James Hanson.

In order to promote the event in the Vancouver area, McIntosh said that word of mouth was the Ring’s primary source of advertisement. With 170 members in the Vancouver Magic Circle, it’s no wonder this method proved best for them. They also used Facebook and posters distributed throughout elementary schools and the lower mainland. McIntosh said the event was also promoted through a local radio show.

The highlight of the event for McIntosh was when his own grandchildren were invited to participate in an act by a fellow magician. McIntosh advises anyone planning an event to always remember that planning is the most important thing. “It is difficult to rally everyone to help. I suppose persistence and a lot of hard work is the key,” he said.

This was the first year McIntosh produced the annual event and he was told by plenty of guests, including “two time World Champion Shawn Farquhar that the tickets I purchased were by far the nicest tickets we had ever used and added a touch of prestige to the event,” McIntosh said.