Event of the Week: Preserve the Motion of the Ocean

November 6, 2012

Oceana Fundraiser Brings Awareness to the People

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a lot of people are starting to wonder how much worse it could possibly get. The frequency and intensity of natural disasters in the last decade has provided plenty of evidence for the Global Warming argument. Well, the group Oceana has been fighting to bring awareness of the damage to our world’s oceans for years. On September 9, Kim Bosse hosted the Preserve the Motion of the Ocean Party, in order to raise money and awareness for Oceana.

Oceana is a non-profit organization that focuses “solely on ocean conservation and bringing back the oceans to its former level of abundance. They have various projects and campaigns that touch issues such as protecting marine wildlife, over fishing, ocean acidification and pollution and other problems the ocean faces today,” Bosse explained.

Bosse said that the party included “a BBQ, a volleyball Tournament and over $5000.00 worth of raffle prizes.” She also said that she held the party mainly to raise awareness “about the state of our oceans and the impact that it has on us. Because we do not live near an Ocean, we have become quite detached from the reality that the ocean is in fact our life support system and that without it we cannot thrive on this planet. The ocean provides us with nearly 50% of our oxygen, regulates climate, and is home to 99% of all living organisms on earth. I felt I needed to take a stand for the ocean.”

In order to bring people to the party, Bosse used word of mouth and emails to sell tickets. “I’d say word of mouth was the best way to sell, because you can convince people to come with your enthusiasm,” she said. Next time, she said she want to try and take out an ad in the newspaper. Bosse’s goal for the event was to raise $1,500, and she was able to raise close to that, with a total of $1,466. “I do believe the event had a great impact on people!” she said.

Besides knowing that she was raising awareness for a great cause, Bosse had many other highlights from the party. “The most memorable part of theevent is watching how people just brighten up because they’re doing something good for the world. It was amazing to see how many people just pulled through and helped. We had people each bring food, people donated prizes, some people came early to prepare,” she said.

Putting together such a party is no easy feat though. “I must say that such an event could not be done alone, and the world really needs to start working together in order to make amazing things happen,” Bosse said. Trying to sell tickets to strangers can be a stressful affair. “Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean everyone else is! So I got a tad scared at one point that no one would come or buy tickets. But everything came through, you just need to keep your head up and remember that you’re doing the best you can and that your efforts are better than no effort at all,” Bosse advises. She advises others who are planning parties to focus on our purpose, your event and don’t focus on the cynics. And never be afraid to ask for help from close friends and family.

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