Gospel Concert Raises Money for Charity, Provides Aid to Families in West Africa

Music is a universal joy. While everyone enjoys a different genre of music, the tones and melodies created bring people together naturally. Sonnie Badu Ministries recognized this fact and organized a gospel concert in order to bring the community together to celebrate the love of God. The ministry put on the concert in order to raise money for Thy Dwelling Place charity. A member of the ministry, Sandra Frempong, explained that the mission of the Sonnie Badu Ministries is to “bring love and kindness into the Christian community through the art of music!”

The concert was put on to raise money specifically for building homes for “children worldwide, beginning in Ghana, West Africa,” Frempong said. She also said that the event raised enough funds to cover the cost of the concert, but didn’t “raise enough funds at this time to support the upcoming projects; so efforts will be made in the coming months to raise some for the projects. The event had very few sponsors and therefor the only funds that came in were from ticket sales and a donation made at the event. We are hoping that the success of this event will open the door for more businesses/individuals to offer their support in any future events,” Frempong said. 

To spread the word about the charity concert, the ministry used social networking (the ministry’s Facebook page and website, as well as Thy Dwelling Place’s website), and distributed flyers and posters around the community. Frempong said that the beginning of the service was the most memorable point of the night for her. “It is great to see the people worshiping God! It is an experience that is life changing and priceless!” she said.

In order to plan an event with such a magnitude, you have to believe in the cause deeply and the Frempong, as well as the whole ministry, were dedicated from the start. “I have always loved helping people and children and being part of Sonnie Badu Ministries. This event was very dear to my heart and the heart of the entire SBM team. This is Minister Badu’s vision (to see and extend the arm of God to all who are in need) and I am very blessed to have been part of it,” Frempong explained.

To pull off such a concert, Frempong says it is great to “Do your best and seek professional advise if need be. No matter how difficult it may seem, the results of doing a good thing for someone else’s benefit is always rewarding in its own way. Never give up and make sure you don’t have any regrets after the event. Give it your best the first time and learn from your mistakes!”