St. Patrick’s Day Spent Helping Victims of Crime

Usually St. Patrick’s Day brings thoughts of fun and parties, but the Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association (APBVSA) used the holiday to bring awareness instead. The organization held a St. Patrick’s Day dance fundraiser as a way of raising money and awareness for the victims of crime and tragedy.

According the APBVSA website the organization is “a non-profit organization representing all police-based victim service programs throughout the Province of Alberta” and is also “proud to represent the largest association of exclusively police based victim service programs in Canada.”

Candice Grace spread word about the fundraiser through the use of’s tickets as well as posters around town. “Everyone thought the tickets were very nice,” she said. Through the use of the tickets and posters, Grace said they were able to sell 132 of the 200 tickets bought.

Grace ordered 200 St. Patrick’s Day general admission ticket 002, which measure 5.73″ x 2.08″. The tickets are recycled ticket stock, heavy weight, white with gloss finish, featuring the green images of a shamrock and a dancing leprechaun. She also chose to upload a custom image, unique to the APBVSA and their event, to the back of the ticket: the lovely Rainbow Lake and Assumption Victim Services logo, which features a green hand beneath blue waters, rolling hills, and the rising sun.

Highlights of the events according to Grace were “Everyone coming out to support a good cause and having a good time.” Plus, she adds, they “had a very good DJ!”

Grace advises anyone planning such an event to make sure that you have enough volunteers to help out. She also said that if tickets or any other advertising products are needed for future events, “We will for sure use [] again.”

The legend of St. Patrick and the day in his in honor started with helping people and Grace and the APBVSA upheld that spirit with their fundraiser dance.