Dance Performance Showcases Students’ Hard Work

May 10th saw the third annual dance production of Jaana’s Dance Academy commence at the Cochrane Curling Club in Cochrane, ON. Pirate’s Gold told the story of sea life, birds and mythical creatures protecting hidden treasure from pirates looking to steal it. The show featured ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop and contemporary dancers from the ages of three to 14 years old.

The academy opened in August 2011, and is owned by dancer/choreographer Jaana Mielonen. Along with classes for children, they offer adult dance, stretching and Pilates and senior programs. They help students learn “a challenging and rewarding art form” and have fun “while learning how to tell stories with dance, and stay healthy and active.” Mielonen has 14 years of ballet and contemporary experience, and is the academy’s ballet instructor. “I really enjoy how contemporary dance influences classical ballet,” she states.

She holds the public event “to showcase the amazing skills our dancers have learned over the past year, as well as provide some entertainment to our small town of Cochrane, in Northern Ontario.” Mielonen is incredibly proud of the work her pupils put into the performance every year. “The girls start learning their dances in January,” she says, “and they work extremely hard to perfect their pointed toes and graceful arms in every leap, lift and turn. Some dancers take as many as seven classes per week!”




Pirate’s Gold was performed four times over a three day period. The Saturday evening premiere had approximately 150 people in attendance, while a Sunday matinee saw around 175 audience members. There were also two recitals on Monday for elementary students in Cochrane. “All of the girls danced beautifully at all performances,” Mielonen adds.

Organizers promoted by putting up posters in high traffic areas in town, placing two advertisements in the newspaper and posting the event on their Facebook page. A few days after the performances, the Cochrane Times Post even printed a story about their event.

Mielonen believes that having the services of Eventgroove at her fingertips really helped. “The posters and tickets we ordered from you were fantastic! I got a great deal of amazing feedback from the design and I found it very easy and stress-free,” she notes. “Ordering the posters and tickets reduced the time commitment and resulting stress level surrounding the planning and formatting of these items. I would definitely advise someone planning a similar event to do the same!”

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