IlluminAqua Lights up Ontario with Unique Summer Events

Just outside of Niagara Falls, the town of Welland, Ontario holds a very interesting summer secret. Here they host something called IlluminAqua, a sumptuous blend of live music, hot fire, and water fountains that all takes place on a floating stage surrounded by floating fire pods. A festival unlike any other in the province, IlluminAqua features a variety of live performances from top-name musicians.

Unfolding on the waters of the Old Welland Canal, IlluminAqua invites the audience to experience the three main themes of their events – fire, music, and water – in new ways on the stone steps of the beautiful outdoor amphitheatre.

This year, IlluminAqua is unveiling their new summer music festival series, and we’ve got the scoop on what makes these festivals especially unique.

IlluminAqua’s Amazing Summer Music Festivals

Coming up soon, IlluminAqua’s Jazz Festival (June 14 & 15) is one summer event you won’t want to miss. Saturday will feature a variety of FREE jazz festivities that are open to all ages from 1 – 5:30. Enjoy a live painting demonstration, live music from multiple bands, and explore all that is ArtFest Welland. Friday and Saturday night headlining performances will start at 8, with the gates opening at 7.

And it doesn’t stop with just jazz. IlluminAqua will host a Folk Festival on July 5 & 6, a Rock Festival on August 2 & 3, and even a Celtic Festival on August 30 & 31.

One of the best things about IlluminAqua’s festivals is that they have both FREE Saturday shows during the day, and ticketed headliners who perform on Friday and Saturday nights.

So, whether you’re looking to catch a big show or save a few pennies, there really is something for everyone.

Turn Up the Heat!

Whether you’re a professional event-planner or you just like to host your own, unique events, take a tip from the spirited diversity that IlluminAqua seems to exhibit. The emergence of the three themes (fire, music and water) presents the opportunity for a rich and rewarding experience for your audience and guests.

These three themes are some of the most basic, yet, moving themes that we have access to. Instead of high-technology and digital nuances, try hosting a bonfire event with a local band, or a pool party with a live DJ.

Those are the kinds of summer events that people attend, and when they leave, they do so with big smiles on their faces.