Great Raffle Prize Ideas That Sell Tickets

December 5, 2023

If you want to reach your fundraising goal, a raffle is the way to go. That said, whether your raffle is part of a greater fundraising event or a standalone fundraiser, it’s easier to sell raffle tickets online or in person when you have good raffle prizes. 

Therein lies the hitch in your raffle prize giddy-up

Unless you have a sizable budget or a sponsor willing to donate a trip to Bali or a new car, sourcing great prizes can seem daunting. Most of us are not in that position, so what to do?

First, save time and set your charity fundraiser up for success with these tips on asking local businesses to donate raffle prizes. Then, download our free-to-use example raffle prize request letter to help you draft your own ask.

Ready to learn more? Dive into our raffle prize ideas below!

Fail-proof prize ideas that inspire raffle ticket sales


How great would it be to have someone clean your house, spruce up the garden, or put in flooring? Home services are something many people would love the chance to outsource, which makes them a great raffle prize. You can even get creative with how these chores are accomplished. If you’re hosting a fundraising raffle for a school, maybe the prize could be a coach or teacher coming to mow the lawn!


Electronics, jewelry, sports equipment, and other items aren’t always the most popular raffle prizes. However, great experiences appeal to almost everyone. Things like skydiving, ballroom dancing, scuba diving, a downtown haunted history tour, or a behind-the-scenes aquarium tour are experiences many would love to do but haven’t yet had the chance.

Other great prize ideas that sell raffle tickets include a makeover, skating with the local roller derby team, learning to paint from a local artist, drumming lessons, or even a brewery or horse farm tour—anything that’s out of the ordinary.  The bonus of this sort of prize is that those who supply these gifts are likely not often asked to donate raffle prizes, which may mean an easier ‘yes’ to your request!

tandem skydivers giving a thumbs up

Gift cards and gift certificates

Gift cards may seem a little pedestrian on the surface, but they are really awesome. What student wouldn’t love getting a gift card loaded with several pizza dinners? And who doesn’t want an excuse to go out to dinner? 

When you approach local restaurants, keep in mind that, yes, you’re asking for a donation. But that donation helps their business, too. The raffle prize winner could be someone who’s never been to the restaurant before, making them a potential new customer. Plus, donating a raffle prize is a way to get good press and name recognition, both of which could translate into more people coming in the door. 

If you feel that the gift cards or gift certificates aren’t enough on their own, add them to a gift basket. Take our pizza gift card idea—you could easily build that into a college student gift basket that also includes movie tickets, yummy snacks, laundry cards, a snuggly hoodie, and more. Another would be to use the pizza card in a new-parent basket that’s filled with things like babysitting services, movie tickets, and maybe even a weekend getaway. Both would be great prizes!

One-of-a-kind items

Signed sports memorabilia, artwork, and antiques generate buzz as well as raffle ticket sales.

Historical or antique items: Visit local antique shops, estate sales, and swap meets to find these! Sometimes, shop owners are willing to donate or offer items at a reduced price for a good cause. You might also find hidden treasures in your own attic or those of your friends and family.

Celebrity connections: If you or someone in your network has connections to a celebrity, you might request an autographed item or a personal experience, such as a lunch date or a short video message.

Custom experiences: Arrange for a unique experience, such as a private dinner with a local chef, a day with a craftsman, or a personal tour of a local attraction. The key here is to make it extra exclusive.

Local business partnerships: Partner with local businesses to create exclusive packages or products. For example, a local brewery could produce a limited-run beer, or a boutique could offer a one-time fashion piece.

Luxurious vacation

Big-ticket items

Procuring big-ticket items can be a raffle ticket sales game-changer. These prizes, such as luxury vacations, high-end electronics, or even vehicles, generate a buzz and significantly boost ticket sales. To secure these kinds of amazing prizes, you’ll need to leverage connections and partnerships. Utilize your organization’s social networks, board members, and community contacts to identify potential donors. Also, consider collaborating with larger organizations or brands on a national level, as they might be more willing to donate high-value items for the exposure and corporate social responsibility benefits. 

Themed gift baskets

This raffle prize is an old raffle fundraising event standby because they’re effective raffle ticket sellers! They also happen to be fun to put together and handy if you’ve got a scattering of donated items that need a little filling out to become thrilling prizes. The key here is to be creative. 

Raffle prize basket ideas:

A WFH (work from home) basket: This could include blue-light glasses, a glamour light you can clip onto your laptop for Zoom meetings, restaurant delivery cards, and an ergonomic seat cushion. 

Summer grilling basket: It could come packed with cooking tools, specialty sauces, a cookbook, craft beer, and twinkle lights to add some outdoor ambiance!

Sports fan basket: Gather merchandise from a popular local sports team, such as jerseys, hats, and signed memorabilia. Tickets to a game or a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium would be icing on the cake! 

Local adventure basket: You could include gift certificates for local experiences like hot air balloon rides, ghost tours, horseback or carriage rides, docent-guided museum tours, or cooking classes. It’s also a terrific opportunity to promote local businesses, which may make asking for donated experiences easier.

Pet lovers basket: This one is always a big hit! Fill it with treats, toys, a gift card to the groomers or a trainer, and maybe a pet camera or a gift certificate for pet-sitting services. 

Artisanal craft basket: Support local makers and create a terrific raffle prize by building a basket that focuses on handmade items from local artisans. This could include pottery, hand-woven textiles, artisanal soaps, and unique jewelry.

Happy raffle prize hunting! For more raffle tips, check out our free raffle eBook—it’s your guide to a successful online or IRL raffle. You can also check out helpful articles on our blog, covering topics like how to price raffle tickets and how to raffle off a money prize.

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