Utilize expansive fundraising features

Compelling fundraising features available for any fundraiser

Explore Eventgroove’s dynamic tools that allow you to provide the latest online fundraising technology to your organization.

Six Fundraiser Types

Choose from raffles, a-thons, auctions, crowdfunding, sweepstakes, and sales fundraisers.

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Mobile Fundraising

Packed with mobile features including text-to-give and mobile payments.

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Flexible Pricing

Our unique tip pricing makes the service free for you. Percent pricing is also available for larger organizations.

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Team Fundraising

Enable team (peer to peer) fundraising for any fundraiser. Plus, track progress and reward the top teams with prizes.

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Global Reach

Expand your fundraising efforts to over 135 countries, and accept donations to any fundraiser in 36+ currencies.

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Helpful Resources

We are always adding helpful resources to our help center, and blog, as well as our quick guide to help you get your fundraiser started.

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Printed Tickets

Expand your donor base with printed tickets and other products. Record offline ticket sales in your dashboard. 

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Easy Promotion

Advertise your auction items with social sharing, campaign email, our embeddable widget, and Mobile Giving.


No Exchange Fees

There are no exchange fees when you set up your fundraiser in local currency.

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Local Currency

All data reports for your campaigns will automatically use your native currency, for the simplest reporting!

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Partner Program

License the Eventgroove Fundraising service, branded to your organization.

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Simple Dashboard

Manage every aspect of your fundraiser in one place. Easily add participants, track donations, & add updates for your donors.

Seamless Payment

Your donors can rest easy knowing their payment is fully secure. Plus, they will automatically get a receipt to use for tax deductions.

Supporter Center

Create a branded fundraising hub. Send supporters a single link to view all your fundraising options. 


We store your personal data securely, and we will never sell it. Set your fundraiser status to public or private and hide players’ last names.

Custom Pages

Automatically generate fundraising pages for congregants, groups, and missions. Add countdown timers and goal counters to drive action.

Any Device

All platform features are available on all your devices.



Create and manage all aspects of your fundraiser from anywhere.

No Apps

Access the platform directly from your browser–no app required.

Branded Content

Customize your raffle page for your brand. Add your own logo, banner image, and customize your URL.


Participants can track their progress in many places throughout the platform. Badges and thermometers encourage healthy competition.


Data on each participant is available in your dashboard. Fundraising goals can be set by organizers or participants themselves.

Flexible Drawing

When your raffle is over, choose to draw winners yourself, or have our system draw them automatically.  

Automated Notifications

Donors will receive automated messages related to their bids, entries, and purchases.


Get participants excited about reaching fundraising goals by showcasing team and individual real-time standings as well as rewards on your fundraising page.

Hands-On Support

Our team is here to guide you every step of the way to create an online raffle and put our powerful software to work.

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