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Launch and manage scalable fundraising campaigns for your important cause

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Innovative technology. Better online fundraising.

Our fundraising platform is built to make fundraising for your nonprofit flexible, affordable, and uncomplicated. You can easily create as many fundraisers as you want, and host them all in a single place so donors can find all the ways to give to your cause. Donor data is completely secure, and accessible in your dashboard. 


Under your brand. Customize your raffle page for your brand. Add your own logo, banner image, and customize your URL.

Simple pricing. Eventgroove Fundraising doesn’t charge a subscription fee or any other upfront costs. If you utilize our tip pricing, platform fees are covered by donors. Stripe fees will still apply.
Flexible fundraising. With six different fundraiser types, your imagination is the only limit to running the perfect fundraiser for your nonprofit. Prize raffles, bike-a-thons, vacation sweepstakes, and merchandise sales are just a few of the fundraisers you can run with Eventgroove Fundraising. 
Fully supported. Signing up earns you total access to the platform from the get-go. Our helpful interface will guide you step by step through setup. And, of course we are here if you need assistance.

Engage donors and build community with a supporter hub

Create a page to house all your active fundraisers.

Team fundraising

Turn on peer to peer fundraising to enable your team to help generate interest for your cause. Track progress and reward the top teams or individuals with prizes.


Transform website visitors into supporters—add a button to your site to lead supporters to your nonprofit fundraising hub where they can learn how to get involved.

Easy promotion

A single link leads to all the fundraisers you’ve launched with us. Share it and…boom! Supporters can donate, participate, or start a fundraiser for you.

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Engage and inspire donors with a great-looking, professional online fundraiser

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