The best of both worlds

Take your event to the next level combining live and virtual options with hybrid events

Include everyone with a hybrid event


Free for organizers. Pass our low service and processing fees onto the ticket buyer so you can retain the full ticket price. Learn more about pricing.


Streamlined setup. To create a hybrid event, you will set up two different types of tickets–one for online attendees, and one for in-person attendees.


Enterprise options. Set up live and virtual events and event templates across your organization with a private label platform.


Contactless Entry.  With mobile tickets in-person check-in allows the safest check-in.


Easy check-in. Whether attendees check-in online or in person, easily track who’s attended your event

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How it works

1. Create live venue

Provide details about your live venue like address, capacity, and seating chart.

2. Create virtual venue

Tell us about your virtual venue: live stream link, and any instructions.

3. Promote

Share on social media, email, embed on your website…all from your event dashboard.

4. Sell tickets

In-person guests will get a PDF or digital ticket. Virtual guests will get a secure link to your streaming page.

5. Check in and start!

Scan tickets for in-person entry. Virtual attendees will wait in a secure online waiting room until you start your event.

Choose your streaming platform

Broadcast your event however you choose. Eventgroove Events can integrate with any video streaming platform. Read more here for a list of our favorites. When you create your event, you can provide a link where attendees can access your live stream or embed it straight onto a dedicated event page for additional security. We will automatically send a one time usable link to access the event to  attendees after they purchase their tickets. If attendees try to access the event before it starts, we’ll direct them to a waiting area with a countdown timer until your event starts.  

Get the most out of your event

Our platform is packed with special features to help you run the perfect hybrid event

Ticketing Plans

Get creative with various ticketing options. Create bundles for discounts, various packages for online and in-person, unlock codes and more

Manage & track in-person and online

Gather key attendee data around page traffic, revenue, guest info and more for both in-person and online attendees

Socially distant seating

Create a seating chart to allow safe seating for individuals and  groups. Restrict number of tickets sold at the venue level

 Online access

Provide a streaming link and ticketing plan for attendees who can’t make it in-person. Allow everyone to participate no matter if they are at home or in the venue

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