Eventgroove for Canadian Nonprofits

Sell fundraising event tickets, run national or regional fundraising events, maintain your brand, and get the analytics you need…at an affordable price.

Your event management platform for free

As a nonprofit event organizer, there is no cost to use Eventgroove! You have the option of rolling service and processing fees into the ticket price. At 2.0% + $0.50 per ticket, our service fees are among the lowest in the industry; integrated with Stripe payment processing, they will charge 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. When you register your nonprofit with Stripe, their fees are reduced!

Adaptable to your needs

From national organizations to grassroots movements, Eventgroove can support your nonprofit’s efforts. As your needs change and grow, our flexible platform evolves with you.


National nonprofits. Drive brand continuity across districts and chapters nationwide through a private-label site branded top to bottom to your organization.


Tiered access. Create multiple levels of access according to your organization’s hierarchy. Give volunteers the ability to check in guests and edit specific aspects of your events.


Grassroots. Quickly get up and running using Eventgroove’s powerful event management platform, which includes an array of promotional tools.


Top-notch support. No matter your size, Eventgroove customer support is here to help.

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Brand integrity


Customized to your nonprofit. Hosted on a custom URL, your private-label website bears your logo, images, colors, and text. When donors, members, and volunteers visit, they’ll be confident that they’re interacting with your nonprofit.


Brand management. Ensure cohesive branding across event sites, regardless of location. Lock in logos and images while still enabling organizers to customize specifics to their event and venue. 


Event templates. Expedite event setup!  Give your event organizers a framework for their events by setting up common configurations like banquets and raffles. They’ll be able to quickly add event specifics and launch.

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Fully integrated


Fundraising. Create a private-label fundraising site completely branded to your nonprofit. Embed your fundraiser right into your event page, and include the option to donate when guests purchase tickets. Features like text-to-give enable members to contribute in real time. Volunteers and regional directors can also create ancillary fundraising pages to raise money in conjunction with your live events. 


Custom print products. Build a private-label print asset resource populated with tickets, posters, wristbands, and more. Regional directors and volunteers will be able to customize the products they need with the date, time, location, and other details while your nonprofit’s brand remains intact.  


Branded merchandise. Offer members t-shirts, totes, mugs, and more bearing your nonprofit’s logo through a custom private-label merch site.


Easy e-mail marketing. Send and receive contact lists between popular email services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact so you can seamlessly communicate with supporters, donors, and members.

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Unlimited ticketing plan potential

Selling single tickets, tables of 8, or sponsorship levels? Create a ticketing plan that suits your needs.


Ticket bundling. Gather single tickets into any sized group—perfect for selling banquet tables to ensure guests all sit together. Learn more


Sponsored tickets. Offer sponsors a shout-out during your live-stream event or high-profile placement in your virtual waiting room when they purchase specially priced tickets.


Direct donation appeals. Add the option to donate more to your cause when they purchase tickets to your event.


Free events. Gather volunteer registration numbers by offering free tickets. Bonus—there’s no service charge on free events!


Collect donor information. Encourage ticket buyers to enter their guests’ information so you can capture contact details from everyone that attends. Learn more

Team access

Make it easy to pitch in when and where you need help. Eventgroove enables you to manage volunteer access to your event dashboard in multiple ways.


Before and after the event. Provide more-involved volunteers the ability to edit specific aspects of the event through multi-user access. Learn more


At the event. Run like a well-oiled machine! Enable volunteers to check in attendees, manage guest information, and help prep for the event—without a user account.


Fast, accessible guest check-in. Use any Android or Apple mobile device to check in guests. Simply send volunteers an invite with a PIN to provide access to your event dashboard. From there, they can log in from their browsers, access the guest list, and scan the QR code on the digital or printed ticket.

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More features for nonprofits

Tracking Links

Generate unique URLs to track referral sales to your event from Facebook, email, or other sources.

No Hidden Charges

Our service is free when you pass service and processing fees on to ticket buyers.

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Accept Donations

Enable attendees to give more by including the option to donate on top of their ticket purchase at checkout —no additional fees are added.

Event Analytics

Access real-time guest revenue, service and processing fees, understand which promotional efforts are working, and more.

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Private events & tickets

Don’t want to sell tickets to the public? No problem! You can create invitation-only events.

Event dashboard

Review ticket sales, manage events, view event and donor analytics, and more—think of it as your virtual control panel!

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Promotion tools

Reach guests easily and efficiently—we’ve got built-in tools and integrations for email, text, and social-media marketing.

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Check-in scanner

Easy-peasy guest check-in, no app needed. Access our mobile ticket scanner directly from the guest list in your dashboard.

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Ticket sales widget

Promote single or multiple events on your site, hassle-free. Your embeddable calendar of events automatically updates when changes are made from your dashboard. 

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Sales At The Door

Accept cash or credit card sales in real time anywhere with an internet connection right from your browser—no app required!

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Social Sharing

Spread the word with every ticket sale! After purchasing tickets, attendees are automatically prompted to share your event.

Discount Codes

Create discount codes that ticket buyers can enter during checkout to get a discount on tickets.

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